Keeping Customers Logged In:
5 Takeaways From The 2022 Consumer Survey

North America & EMEA | January 26th, 12 PM EST / 5 PM BST
ANZ | On-Demand

Every day we rely on registration forms, passwords, and require account creation at checkout to identify customers and drive engagement.

But is this how customers even want to interact with your business?
To answer this, Ping Identity surveyed over 3,400 consumers across five countries to better understand consumer preferences and behaviors at registration and login.
Join this fireside chat with executive advisor Aubrey Turner and learn about:
  • The impact of inefficient login experiences on customer retention.
  • The love-hate relationship consumers have with MFA.
  • The influence of fraud on consumers' choice of brands.
  • How consumers are warming up to the idea of a digital ID.
  • What you can do to improve the end to end customer experience
Join us and learn how to boost customer acquisition and retention, increase loyalty, and earn trust quickly.


Joe Malenfant

Director, Product and Solution Marketing
Ping Identity

Aubrey Turner

Executive Advisor
Ping Identity

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