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How to bring Security and Compliance together with Centralized Dynamic Authorization

EMEA: 25 March, 2021 | 10:00am BST

What You'll Learn

The landscape of security rapidly changes and we have to be able to adapt with it. Whether it is meeting new legislation for new and legacy applications, or the shift in user requirements in the last year, ensuring that the right users can access the right resources is crucial to a company's success. Often, the resources and actions that users are provisioned for are managed on an application by application basis with roles being defined to represent user scenarios. This leads to a complex, spralling security management with role explosion tackling each exceptional case that occurs. Alternatively, this can lead to over privileged users increasing the security implications of a compromised user account. Zero Trust looks to address these shortcomings by moving towards real-time contextual aware decisioning, with just-enough permissions baked in to the access model. PingDataGovernance brings a centralized administration functionality to provide a clear picture of the authorization landscape, with the attribute based decisioning capability that can pull from external data sources, enabling a comprehensive view of the decision context in real-time.

Join us for this Tech Lab where we’ll discuss and demonstrate how PingDataGovernance:

  • Allows rapid changes to requirements with confidence
  • Collates and derives contextual information from multiple sources
  • Drives additional requirements for user access
  • Manages the life-cycle of policies from creation and editing to deployment


Stuart Charters

Solutions Architect,
Ping Identity

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