From Buzzword to Reality - Getting Started with Personal Identity

North America & EMEA | 10/18 11am EDT / 4pm BST
ANZ | 10/20 11am AEDT

What You'll Learn

Personal identity has arrived. It has shifted from a marketing buzzword to a real-world way users can seamlessly and securely exchange personal information. Your business can start leveraging PingOne for Individuals today to issue and verify identity claims to let your users keep control over their data.

Taking advantage of personal identity in your applications will enable your business to deliver seamless user experiences, reduce fraud and alleviate privacy concerns, but it will be a paradigm shift. And Ping is here to help you get started and set you up for success in a personal identity future.

Join us for this workshop where Armin Ebrahimi, Head of Distributed Identity, will walk you through how to configure your free trial PingOne for Individuals, including how you can issue verified credentials without any code development to your users to store in their ShoCard wallet and verify credentials.


Armin Ebrahimi

Head of Distributed Identity, Ping Identity

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