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Authenticating Devices in Today's Internet of Things

May 20, 2020 | 10am - 11:30am BST

What You'll Learn

Authenticating Devices in Today's Internet of Things
As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, security and user consent become more important. Especially as devices like connected cars, smart TVs and smart home speakers perform actions on behalf of users. Still, many of these devices have limited input functionality, like the frustrating virtual keyboard you use on your XBox. The good news? A number of new and evolving standards are simplifying authentication and authorisation challenges on IoT devices.

Join us for this Tech Lab where we’ll discuss some of these challenges and how the Ping Intelligent Identity Platform uses standards to help solve them. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:
  • Striking the right balance between security and usability for connected devices.
  • Authorising IoT devices to access user accounts with the OAuth 2.0 Device Authorisation Grant (RFC 8628).
  • Enabling consent-driven transaction approval with the OpenID Connect Client-initiated Back-channel Authentication (CIBA) standard.
  • LIVE DEMO: Using the Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform to authorise a smart TV and approve a transaction using a mobile app.


Rob Otto

Ping Identity

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