CIAM Assessments, Blueprints and Roadmaps for Zero Trust Security
11:00AM MT
Todd Rossin, CEO - IDMWorks
Baber Amin, CTO West - Ping Identity

Organizations process and store huge volumes of sensitive customer and employee data – from financial information and medical records to social security numbers and birthdates. Inadequate controls in CIAM processes and technology can lead to breaches, involuntary data exposure, and non-compliance issues. Compounding these issues is the declining relevance of network based trust. Sensitive data is now stored in public and private clouds and often needs to be accessed by employees, partners and contractors from anywhere with minimal friction.

Join Todd Rossin, CEO & Chief Strategist at IDMWORKS, and Baber Amin, CTO-West at Ping Identity to learn:

  • Why the first step in any CIAM program is an assessment
  • The most common questions around CIAM Assessments & Roadmaps
  • How to plan for a Zero Trust future centered on CIAM tools and processes