Q&A Roundtable, Get your Answers from Ping Experts
PingAccess & PingFed 
Product Experts 

You know that providing SSO is a no brainer, but comprehensive access management means more that just SSO. Did you know adding PingAcess can...

  • Extend SSO to your most difficult applications
  • Add a more granular authorization layer
  • Centralize and upgrade session management
  • Modernize your IAM deployment architecture

Join us for a Q&A Roundtable with our product experts, Eric Fazendin and Scott Tomilson, PingFederate Product Managers and Mark Bostley, PingAccess Product Manager to answers any questions you have may have about expanding your SSO solution with PingAccess. Whether you are just researching or evaluating the idea, join and let us answer your questions.

Register for our roundtable today even if you can’t attend, as all registrants will receive a complimentary recording of this Q&A session.