PingAccess Cloud Automation in AWS
Mark Bostley
Alex Babar

Not all enterprises are adopting the IDaaS model for IAM in the cloud. Many larger enterprises insist on having more control and customization than any IDaaS solution can offer, but still demand a cloud-based IAM solution. These organizations are accomplishing this by deploying the Ping Identity Platform in the cloud. Doing this yourself can be resource intensive, but DevOps processes and infrastructure as code are enabling the automation of many routine tasks.

In the latest release of PingAccess, Ping Identity provides tools to automate cloud deployments in Amazon Web Services and enable elastic scaling so that enterprises can scale up or down as needed. Further, enterprises can benefit from zero downtime upgrades.

Join Ping Identity’s Senior Technical Product Manager, Mark Bostley, hosted by Product Marketing Manager, Alex Babar as they discuss these new capabilities within PingAccess and also speak to the benefits enterprises are seeing by cloud automating their IAM stack.