Architecting a Unified Profile in Hybrid Environments
9:00am MT / 4:00pm GMT
David Babbitt, Product Manager 
Dustin Maxey, Product Marketing 

Your customers don’t know your brand as a series of disparate apps and databases. They know you as a single brand and they expect their experiences to reflect that. That means providing consistency during authentication and continuing it with consistent views no matter which app or channel they use to access it. In the large hybrid environments today’s enterprises have applications and their repositories can be spread across on-premise and cloud environments. This reality can make cross-channel consistency can seem far fetched.

Join Ping Identity as we outline a simple checklist that will help guide you through deploying convenient and secure SSO, MFA, unified customer profiles, and more in large enterprise architectures. Attendees will come away with an actionable list that will help guide their approach to creating secure, seamless customer experiences in hybrid environments.

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