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Welcome to the webisode series on all things Identity!

Looking for a customer identity access management solution that balances security and convenience? Implementing an authorization server in your app? Debating between a cloud and on-premise approach? Want to know best practices around setting up sign on policies? Join Anthony Dombrowski and guests as they discuss interesting topics on Identity and Technology through quick hit episodes coming out biweekly.

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Episode 4: OAuth Flows
Date: November 4th, 11am MT
Speaker: Gideon McKee, Software Quality Engineer
Do you know the OAuth 2.0 Flows? Does PKCE give you nightmares? Join Anthony Dombrowski and Gideon McKee for a quick rundown of the OAuth 2.0 flows.

Episode 5: Branding and UX
Date: November 18th, 11am MT
Speaker: Dan Katz, Sr Product Manager
Your company spent time, effort, and resources on coming up with a brand and the right user experience. Why throw that away? Keep your branding and UX by integrating your app with an API for Identity services. You get the best of both worlds. Easy API calls to get identity and your app’s branding and UX remains intact. Join Anthony Dombrowski and Dan Katz to see how you can keep branding at the top of the list and get the features of identity integrated without a hitch.

Episode 6: Customer Identity Experience
Date: December 2nd, 11am MT
Speaker: Alex Babar, Senior Product Manager
Want to see some live examples of how Identity plays a major role in a consumer facing business? Alex Babar joins Anthony Dombrowski for a walk through of some websites and their end-user experiences related to identity like their registration page, authentication options, and login flow.

Episode 7: MFA and Its Varieties
Date: December 16th, 11am MT
Speaker: Dana Weinbaum, Pr. Product Manager
You’ve likely experienced MFA in your own life at some point, but what’s going on behind the scenes? How does a company decide which method of MFA to use? Is one way safer than another? What else can you use MFA for other than just logging in? Get your answers to these questions and more in this quick-hit webisode.


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