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Session: PingOne for Customers - A Fast, Simple and Secure CIAM Solution

August 7, 2019 | 8:00am - 9:30am


Session: PingOne for Customers - A Fast, Simple and Secure CIAM Solution
In this Tech Lab we will explore PingOne for Customers (P14C), an API-first cloud solution that's easy for developers to use and significantly reduces build times for SaaS, web, mobile or single-page applications for your customers. This is achieved by embedding secure Identity Services into your apps from P14C like authentication, registration, account recovery and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
Please join us for a technical deep-dive, where we will show you how our P14C solution delivers engaging experiences, while never compromising on security. We will run through the configuration and demonstration of the following supported use cases:
  • SINGLE SIGN-ON: Leverage SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect to provide secure single sign-on (SSO) across your enterprise applications, even if they're on premises.
  • USER MANAGEMENT: Use REST APIs to manage user data, account states, passwords, password policies and more for distinct identity types and user populations.
  • USER SELF-SERVICE: Create self-service registration, profile management or password reset experiences.
  • AUTHENTICATION APIs: Use REST APIs to embed authentication and social login into your customer-facing applications. Define authentication flows based on robust policies that can vary from app to app.
  • MFA FOR CUSTOMERS: Deliver secure and user-friendly MFA via SMS, email or by embedding our SDK into your own custom iOS and Android mobile application to send MFA push notifications.
  • TENANT-IN-TENANT ARCHITECTURE: Create multiple environments to support your SDLC, organise different apps or user types, adhere to region-specific data residency requirements, and enforce delegated administration across all of it.
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