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CX/ID: Where Customer Experience Meets Identity

CX/ID Series Overview: 
Your customers are demanding smooth, secure digital experiences. Exceed their expectations by taking an innovative, identity-influenced approach to building differentiated customer experiences. Join Ping Identity with CX/ID, the series where customer experience experts come together to discuss the latest in customer experience innovation, personalization and building trust and loyalty.

Episode 1: The Customer Experience Innovation Toolbox
Workshop with Duncan Wardle, Former Head of Innovation and Creativity for Disney and Kevin Sellers, Chief Marketing Officer, Ping Identity

September 16th | 11am AEST
Join this interactive session where Duncan Wardle, the former Head of Innovation at The Walt Disney Company, will highlight some of his past successes in taking a creative approach to evolving the customer experiences and equip you with the tools that he used so you can take them back to your team to embed innovation into your brand’s digital experiences.

Episode 2: Don’t Treat Customers Like a Stranger
Fireside Chat with Alex Hunter, Former Head of Digital for the Virgin Group, Branding and Loyalty Expert and Emma Maslen, Vice President and General Manager EMEA & APAC at Ping Identity

October 5th | 11am AEDT
Join our discussion with Alex Hunter, former Head of Digital for the Virgin Group, to learn how brands are navigating the increase in digital experiences, best practices on personalizing customer engagements and how your brand can evaluate your experience to get an advantage over the competition.

Episode 3: Make Customer Trust Your Greatest Advantage
Fireside Chat with Rachel Botsman, Oxford University Lecturer, Author: ‘Who Can You Trust’, Trust Expert and Richard Bird, Chief Customer Information Officer at Ping Identity

October 14th | 11am AEDT
Join our conversation with Rachel Botsman, Oxford lecturer and author as they discuss what earning customer trust actually entails, what is the difference between privacy and control, how do customers take a risk on a brand and what are the most important traits of trustworthy brands.

Episode 4: Delight - The Human Driver Behind Loyalty
Fireside Chat with Ken Schmidt, Former Director of Communications at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Customer Loyalty Expert and Andre Durand, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Ping Identity

October 28th | 11am AEDT
Join our conversation with Ken Schmidt, former Director of Communications at Harley-Davidson, as he discusses how to build loyal customer bases, how brands should rethink their experiences to spur loyalty and how focusing on building brand loyalty will spur advocacy.

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